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I  am trying to ascertain the forenames and medal entitlement to Oberst Niemoller also confirm war time service 

Leutnant 14.01.93
Oberleutnant 16.01.01 Qq
Hauptmann 10.09.08 O4o
Major 18.04.15 Ww
charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD, alive in 1926

to Oberst Niemöller , Infantry Regiment 69 in 1914

Joined the German army 19 September 1891 and transferred to the Marines 2 July 1900. Presumably back to the army when promoted to Captain in 1908 (still Marines in the Navy 1908 Rank List as Oberleutnant)

Leutnant 14.01.93, Oberleutnant 16.01.01, Hauptmann 10.09.08,
Major 18.04.15, Charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD, alive in 1926

1900: II. Replacement Sea Battalion, Wilhelmshaven (steel medal for waving bye bye to China expedition), 1902: detached from II. Sea Battalion to Ships' Boys Division, 1905: II. Sea Battalion, 1906: III. Sea Battalion with the East Asian Occupation forces, Tsingtau, 1907: still on duty with III. Sea Battalion in Tsingtau, China,  1908: same but back home with the Stamm III. S.B, 1909-13: commander 3rd Company Infantry Regiment 69, 1914: as mentioned above.
Final WW1 wartime position: Commander of Infantry Regiment 347 in 87th Infantry Division.

Any photos or biographical details gratefully received 


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From his entry in the IR 78 Offizier-Stammliste. He left the navy on 31 July 1908 and re-entered the Prussian army the following day.




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Glenn, been after this for years....really really appreciate this...

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His full name was Karl Wilhelm Adolf Niemöller. He died on 12 May 1932 in Ahrensburg, Stormarn.  

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here are some dates of his wartime military career:

01.08.1914 – 11.1914 kommandiert zur Gesandtschaft in Santiago

11.1914 - 1915 KpFhr und BtlFhr/ RIR 5

1916 - 17.9.1916 Kdr IV./ LIR 21

17.9.1916 - 26.1.1918 Kdr III./ LIR 430

 26.1.1918 – 10.4.1918 und

10.5.1918 – 08.06.1918 Kdr I./ IR 143

08.06.1918 – 1918 Fhr IR 143

13.7.1918 - 11.11.1918 Kdr IR 347

best regards



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