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WW2 Defence Medal- Rolls available?

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I just wondered if the Award Rolls are available for the Defence Medal. I had a relative who served in WW1 but not sure if he played any part in WW2. He would have been in his later 50s into early 60s at the time of WW2.

Any help with this query would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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I don't believe that WWII medal rolls are available for the UK or Commonwealth nations as general information, but one can write to the archives in question - Canada, UK, etc. - and some in formation is released to relatives of soldiers who served.  Not sure of the details, as it's not an area I know much about. :(


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Defence Medal was for service at the time but not necessarily military service - service in certain civil defence / aid organizations also led to the award of the Defence Medal. The qualifying periods and organizations can be found on Wikipedia or elsewhere. 

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