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Can anyone shed light on the nature of this inscription?  It appears to be between military medical staff.  This particular degen bears a gorgeous Wurttemburg hilt.  Any feedback would be appreciated, particularly if some detail regarding the named officers was known! 


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Ranklist 1895

Korps-Arzt XIII. württem. Armeekorps: Generalarzt 1.Kl. Dr. v. Fichte (rank as Generalmajor), he also was chef of military medic detachment in the war-ministry

Assistenz-Arzt 1.Kl. Dr. Hopfengärtner, same corps

Promoted to Stabsarzt Sept.12, 1895

Ranklist 1897

No entry for v. Fichte

Hopfengärtner: Stabsrarzt in Gren.Rgt. 119

Sorty, I don´t have a ranklist of 1896

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Karl Eduard von Fichte (Fichte)

Karl Eduard von Fichte
Birthdate: März 24, 1826 (79)
Birthplace: Saarbrücken, Gft. Nassau-Saarbrücken, Deutschland, DB

Death: Mai 08, 1905 Stuttgart


He was the grandson of the Philosopher  Johann Gottlieb Fichte



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