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43rd Brigade RGA ~ 147th Siege Battery

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My search continues for details of my Father-in-Law's Dad, (see  post Hants RGA) however I think I have narrowed things down a bit.

I have read the War Diaries available at the National Archive for 43rd Brigade and 147th Siege Battery (WO95/321/5 and WO95/321/7) which he may be in, but note that the detailed diary only goes from August 1916 (when they went to France) until Dec 1916. The Brigade (as part of the Battery) continued into 1917 and 1918 but there seems to be no detailed war diary for the period after Dec1916 and I am wondering if anyone knows why. Is it likely to have been destroyed or was it amalgamated with something else and would be written under a different Brigade or Battery number?

I have searched various websites for this information but can see no obvious reason, other than perhaps those mentioned above.

All suggestions welcome!

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Siege Batteries kept war diaries for the early portion of the war but during the last one, or two, years of the war Siege Batteries war diaries ceased and the war diaries were kept by the Heavy Artillery Group (HAG) (later Brigade) that administered the battery.  147th Siege Battery served under the following Heavy Artillery Groups after 1 Jan 1917 (the file number for the war diary at The National Archives is listed for each HAG):

Until 10 Feb 17: 77 HAG (WO 95/324)

10 Feb 17 to 22 Mar 17: 28 HAG (WO 95/541)

22 Mar 17 to 25 May 17: 18 HAG (WO 95/540)

25 May 17 to 16 Jun 17: 83 HAG (WO 95/478)

16 Jun 17 to 3 Sep 17: returned to 18 HAG (WO 95/540)

3 Sep 17 to 17 Dec 17: 78 HAG  (WO 95/229)

17 Dec 17 to end of war: 43 Brigade RGA (WO 95/321)

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