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Medal certificate to HSU pilot KOCHETOV, 31 victories.

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Sometimes casual search brings back some pearls...
Document for the Medal Defense of the Caucasus dated April 21st, 1945. Signed by the commander of 43 Fighter Aviation "Sevastopol" Red Banner Regiment (43IAP) Lt. Colonel DOROSHENKOV.
The medal and the document were issued to Captain KOCHETOV Aleksander Vasilievich
KOCHETOV was awarded with HSU title on 13 April 1944. 
Squadron commander HSU KOCHETOV (1919-1994) achieved at least 31 victories (20 personal + 11 in a group) in 120 aerial engagements, conducted over 450 combat sorties during WW2.

The certificate and the handout protocol with matching document number.
Interestingly, it seems there was a glitch in documentation process and the pilots of the 43IAP were handed out 2 Caucasus medals. There exist second handout protocol from November 1945.  KOCHETOV has only one medal though on his postwar pictures. So, I guess, the mistake was corrected promptly. 

713878952_docCaucasusmedalHSUpilotKOCHETOV.thumb.jpg.6edc3d75d790dfdcc91c39db9046709f.jpg 1239435735_medalCaucasusrecomendationHSUKOCHETOV.thumb.jpg.91b4f7e2be85a3f1862da9f25c38a95b.jpg


KOCHETOV in 1943. And a news paper article, Jan 1945, where 34 victories are mentioned.



Different period photos:



With his wife. Both before the war and in eternity.


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