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Oberfeldwebel Anton Jassner research project

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Oberfeldwebel Anton Jassner


Aircrew JU52




I have been researching a member of the Luftwaffe’s transport squadron “Transportgeschwader1” (TG1) from a named Radio Operator/Air gunner Badge and have come up with the following information:

 But first, if anyone out there has any documents or information on this guy, please send me a PM.


 The badge and closeups of the details to the reverse of the badge which caught my interest...




 Juncker 2nd pattern Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge.



 Reverse of the badge with details:

 2./KGzvB2 Briest

 unteroffizier Jassner








So, my research turned up an award document for an Operational Flight Clasp for Transport and Glider Aircrew: in gold with hanger for “200” flights dated 1/12/1944 on a dealer site for Oberfeldwebel Anton Jassner in Transport Geschwader.1 which gave me the units where he started (on reverse of badge) in 1938, and the unit where he finished the war (award document)...and the hunt began.

The following unit history all panned out for Jassner but it would seem, as so often happens, his medals, awards, documents etc, were sold off individually leaving me with an almost impossible task in finding and reuniting the group…they are out there, so thought it a good idea to post this piece of research in the hope that there are others who have all or part of Jassner’s group and are researching the same individual.  



His unit history: Jassner’s units marked with **



Kampfgruppe zurbesonderen Verwendung 2




Obstlt von Lindenau, 8.38 - 8.39

Formed 1.8.38 in Brandenburg-Briest from half of KGrzbV1with:




** 2./KGrzbV2



In 8.39 used to form II. and III./KGzbV1.



1.8.38 - 5.39 Brandenburg-Briest Ju 52

5.39 - 8.39 Stendal Ju 52


Duties: Flights for fallschirmjägerschule Stendal.







Kampfgruppe zurbesonderen Verwendung 10




 Maj Theodor Beckmann, 11.39 - 3.40


Formed 11.39 in Hagenow with:








In 3.40 redesignated IV./KGzbV 1:


Stab/KGrzbV10 became Stab IV./KGzbV1

**1./KGrzbV10 became 13./KGzbV1

2./KGrzbV10 became14./KGzbV1

3./KGrzbV10 became15./KGzbV1

4./KGrzbV10 became16./KGzbV1



11.39 - 3.40 Hagenow Ju 52



Kampfgeschwaderzur besonderen Verwendung 1




 Oberst Friedrich-Wilhelm Morzik, 26.8.39 - 1.8.41

Oberst Rudolf Trautvetter, 1.8.41 - 8.12.41

Oberst Otto-Lutz Förster, 12.41 - 23.3.43

Oberst Adolf Jäckel. 7.4.43 - 5.43

Oberst Karl Drewes (acting), 1.43 - 6.4.43



Formed 26.8.39 in Stendal. In 5.43 redesignated Stab/TG1.


Bases: Stendal Ju52


I. Gruppe:



 Maj Dr. Max Ziervogel, 26.8.39 - 22.11.39

Maj Karl Georg Witt, 22.11.39 - 31.8.40

Maj Adolf Jäckel, 31.8.40 - 7.5.41

Maj Otto Förster, 7.5.41 - 12.41

Maj Theodor Beckmann, 12.41 - 2.42

Maj Maess, 2.42 - 5.43


Formed 26.8.39 in Gardelegen from KGrzbV1 with:

Stab I./KGzbV1 from Stab/KGrzbV1

1./KGzbV1 from1./KGrzbV1

2./KGzbV1 from2./KGrzbV1

3./KGzbV1 from3./KGrzbV1

4./KGzbV1 from4./KGrzbV1


In 5.43 redesignated I./TG1:


Stab I./KGzbV1 became Stab I./TG1

1./KGzbV1 became1./TG1

2./KGzbV1 became2./TG1

3./KGzbV1 became3./TG1

4./KGzbV1 became4./TG1



II. Gruppe:



 Hptm von Lindenau, 26.8.39 - 4.40

Maj Karl Drewes, 4.40 - 4.41

Hptm Willerding, 4.41 - 8.41

Hptm Guido Neundlinger, 8.41 - 5.43


Formed 26.8.39 in Stendal from parts of KGrzbV2 with:

Stab II./KGzbV1






In 5.43 redesignated II./TG1:

Stab II./KGzbV1 became Stab II./TG1

5./KGzbV1 became5./TG1

**6./KGzbV1 became6./TG1

7./KGzbV1 became7./TG1

8./KGzbV1 became8./TG1


III. Gruppe:


 Hptm Markus Zeidler, 26.8.39 - 2.9.40

Maj Starke, 2.9.40 - ?

Hptm Schröder, 1942

Hptm Siegfried Hagena, 15.10.42 - 5.43


Formed 26.8.39 in Stendal from parts of KGrzbV2 with:

Stab III./KGzbV1






Disbanded 11.39.


Reformed 3.40 from I./KGzbV 172 with:

Stab III./KGzbV1 from I./KGzbV172

9./KGzbV1 from1./KGzbV172

10./KGzbV1 from2./KGzbV172

11./KGzbV1 from3./KGzbV172

12./KGzbV1 from4./KGzbV172


 In 5.43 redesignated III./TG1:


Stab III./KGzbV1 became Stab III./TG1

9./KGzbV1 became9./TG1

10./KGzbV1 became10./TG1

11./KGzbV1 became11./TG1

12./KGzbV1 became12./TG1


IV. Gruppe:



 Maj Johann Janzen, 26.8.39 - 11.39

Hptm Theodor Beckmann, 3.40 - 1942

Hptm Fridolin Fath, 1942

Maj Scheuring, ? - 1.43

Hptm Kurt Schneidenberger, 16.1.43 - 5.43


Formed 26.8.39 in Liegnitz with:

Stab IV./KGzbV1






Disbanded 11.39.


Reformed 3.40 from KGrzbV 10 with:

Stab IV./KGzbV1 from Stab/KGrzbV10

13./KGzbV1 from1./KGrzbV10

14./KGzbV1 from2./KGrzbV10

15./KGzbV1 from3./KGrzbV10

16./KGzbV1 from4./KGrzbV10


Known as KGrzbV Posen, 2.42 - 4.42.


In 5.43 redesignated IV./TG1:

Stab IV./KGzbV1 became Stab IV./TG1

**13./KGzbV1 became 13./TG1

**14./KGzbV1 became14./TG1

15./KGzbV1 became15./TG1

16./KGzbV1 became16./TG1







 Oberst Adolf Jäckel, 5.43 - 8.44

Oberst Josef Kögl, 8.44 - 30.9.44


Formed 5.43 from Stab/KGzbV1. Disbanded 30.9.44.


I. Gruppe:



Maj Meass, 5.43 - 15.10.43

Maj Oskar Schmidt, 15.10.43 - 8.5.45


Formed 5.43 from I./KGzbV1 with:

Stab I./TG1 from Stab I./KGzbV1

1./TG1 from1./KGzbV1

2./TG1 from2./KGzbV1

3./TG1 from3./KGzbV1

4./TG1 from4./KGzbV1

3. and 4./TG1 was disbanded 30.9.44.


 Airfields and Air Base Locations:

May 1943 - Oct 1943 ? Ju 52

Oct 1943 - Jan 1944 Uman Ju 52

Jan 1944 - Mar 1944 Korsun Ju 52

Mar 1944 - Apr 1944 Reichshof Ju 52

Apr 1944 - ? Fokschany(?) Ju 52

? - Feb 1945 Stolp-Reitz Ju 52

Feb 1945 - May 1945 Tutow Ju 52


II. Gruppe:


 Hptm Gerhard Dudeck, 5.43 - 15.2.44

Maj Heinz Klamke, 15.2.44 - 4.9.44


Formed 5.43 from II./KGzbV1 with:

Stab II./TG1 from Stab II./KGzbV1

5./TG1 from5./KGzbV1

6./TG1 from6./KGzbV1

7./TG1 from7./KGzbV1

8./TG1 from8./KGzbV1


 Disbanded 4.9.44.



5.43 - 10.43 Jena-Röding Ju 52, SM.75, SM.81

10.43 - 3.44 Reinsehlen, Goslar Ju 52, SM.75, SM.81, SM.82

3.44 - 19.8.44 Gallarate SM.82, Ju 52

19.8.44 - 4.9.44 Ferschweiler SM.82


III. Gruppe:


 Maj Walter Hornung, 5.43 - 6.43

Maj Siegfried Hagena, 6.43 - 6.7.43

Hptm Franz Stipschitsch, 8.43 - 12.43

Maj Fridolin Fath, 12.43 - 4.9.44


Formed 5.43 from III./KGzbV1 with:

Stab III./TG1 from Stab III./KGzbV1

9./TG1 from9./KGzbV1

10./TG1 from10./KGzbV1

11./TG1 from11./KGzbV1

12./TG1 from12./KGzbV1


Disbanded 4.9.44.



5.43 - 10.43 Celle Ju 52, SM.82

10.43 - 2.44 Uman SM.82

2.44 - 4.44 Odessa I SM.82

4.44 - 9.44 Celle SM.82


IV. Gruppe:



Hptm Kurt Schneidenberger, 5.43 - ?

Hptm Penkert, 3.44 - 4.44

Maj Karl-Heinz Schütte, 1.5.44 - 1.45


Formed 5.43 from IV./KGzbV1 with:

Stab IV./TG1 from Stab IV./KGzbV1

**13./TG1 from 13./KGzbV1

14./TG1 from14./KGzbV1

15./TG1 from15./KGzbV1

16./TG1 from16./KGzbV1


Disbanded 30.1.45.


5.43 - 3.44 Würzburg Ju 52

3.44 - 4.44 Lemberg Ju 52

4.44 - 9.44 Agram Ju 52

9.44 - 1.45 ? Ju52



Theatre of Operations





Western campaign - Opening phase of the airborne assault on the Hague... dropped 700 paratroops from I./Fj.Rgt. 2 at Ockenburg and Ypenburg 

Balkan Campaign

Greece and Yugoslavia

Operations in Russia

Operations in the Mediterranean and North Africa.




JU52's of KGrzbV1 in Greece





Known Ranks




Feldwebel – 1/8/1939

Oberfeldwebel – 1/7/1941







Awards,  medals and qualification badges 

(known and those Oberfeldwebel Anton Jassner would have been entitled to)




Iron Cross 1st class – 21/5/1943

Iron Cross 2nd class – 12/5/1940

Radio Operator/Air gunner Badge – 4/9/1937

Long service medal for 4 years – 1/4/1937

Operational Flight Clasp for Transport and Glider Aircrew: in gold – 23/2/1943

Operational Flight Clasp for Transport and Glider Aircrew: in gold :  with hanger for “200” flights 1/12/1944


Entitled to:

Working back from the Operational Flight Clasp for Transport and Glider Aircrew: in gold with hanger for "200" flights:




Operational Flight Clasp for Transport Air Crew -Bronze

Operational Flight Clasp for Transport Air Crew-Silver

Operational Flight Clasp for Transport Air Crew-Gold with star hanger


Eastern Front medal




Well, that is the research to date.  I will add anything that comes up in the future.














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Award certificate to Frintflug-Spange für Transportflieger, form for Bronze grade, typewritten changed to Gold. Issued on 23. Febr. 1943, signed by Oberstleutnant Gustav Damm



Iron Cross 2nd Class citation, issued 12.5.1940, signed by Oberstleutnant Fritz Morzik.



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Many thanks for taking the time to post these documents, Tomasz...It is much appreciated.

You have made my day.

Hopefully there is a Soldbuch for him out there as I would love to put a face to the group.

So, as a small tribute to Jassner, at least we can reunite the badge with the Verleihungsurkunde.

I hope you don't mind the use of your document.

With Tomasz's help I have updated Jassner's unit history and  awards. 









KGrzbV1 (1ZFZ) during supply-drop duties - Stalingrad



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