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Cuba Police Merit order - 1936 - 1959

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  • The Cuban police order was created in May 1936 by General Fulgencio Batista in order to reward the member of the national police member.


The order had 4 grades ;


1. First class : A breast star. Given to colonel and general.

2. Second class : A breast star. Given to higher rank official

3. third class: Official star with enamal. Given to second lieutenant until captain and civil with higher rank.

4. Fourth class: offical star without enamal. For non-official policemen and civil worker.  


The order had 7 distinctive represented by a color. Each color is in relation with a special merit.


  1. RED : War merit (for example fight again Fidel Castro troop)  

  2. Red and White: Capture of dangerous delinquents. The order was also awarded to the chief of staff of the police.

  3. White: Scientific Merit.   Also given for diplomatic merit to foreigner.

  4. Blue : 15 years of services

  5. Green : 20 years of services

  6. Purple (established in 1951): 40 years of services.   

  7. Blue and White: Special services   




















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Posted (edited)

Dear member, 

A Very nice first class bicolor blue / white breast star



Edited by cuba1959

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Those are some beautiful awards. They must be extremely difficult to find, especially as a documented group.  

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dear all, 

Police cap used in cuba by the police in cuba before the revolution. 






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