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Hi all. I would be very grateful for any help, advise. I am new  member & new to collecting medals. I have just purchase my first medal, Royal Navy WW1 Trio with a LS&GC Medal which are quite tarnessed. I know people have different feeling on this, but am I best le4aving them as they are, or is it best to clean them!!!!

Thanks Alan

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Welcome to the Forum, I would agree with Tony and if they were mine I would leave them as they are, including any old or damaged ribbons, to my mind this adds to the history of the Medals and Man or Woman behind them. The only consideration to bear in mind would be severe corrosion to silver medals in which case I would then probably try to get it cleaned of.

However, this is only my view and many collectors do like to clean them. Again as Tony said they're yours now so up to you.

Enjoy the Forum and best regards Simon.

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This is the oldest argument in medal and badge collecting.....   Personally I clean but save original ribbons.....  After all have you ever seen a Sergeant Major allow dirty medals, badges or buttons on parade......



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On ‎07‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 07:11, ostprussenmann_new said:

I would leave them as is, however, in order to neutralize further metal corrosion I would take Vaseline and rub a light coat over the metal.  This will stop the metal from getting worse.  

Or a thin coating of Gun Oil.  Its been used for decades by owners of very expensive guns to keep the metal parts from rusting.

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