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Large framed Picture - British?

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Hello all, 

First - sorry if this is the wrong section to post this picture. I found it during a house cleaning. It is originally framed. 

It looks like the soldiers are wearing British helmets. Of course I can be totally wrong here. 

Maybe someone can enlighten me on this one. 

It's a big picture and it's definitely older. 

Again if those are not British I am sorry. 






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Wow! Nice picture. I think you’re right about the British helmets. The other gentlemen ( we’d call them “Rustlers” in this country), are wearing uniforms of a more casual nature. My guess is that they might be Boers. I’d also guess that this “roundup” was a notable actual event that was memorialized by a painting. Probably researchable. Again, terrific print. 


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I agree that the 'sides' are British and Boer, but I don't believe it's a roundup.  My guess is that the Boer have deliberately stampeded a herd of trek oxen attached to the British force in an effort to overrun the camp / cause confusion / get some fresh meat.  A bit too violent for a roundup, methinks. 

I can't see it very clearly but it looks to me as if  one Brit is firing his revolver at a Boer horseman and there are a LOT of rifles on display.  I also think the two white blockhouses in the background are interesting.  This may very well illustrate a real incident from late in the Boer War, when the British were using chains of blockhouses to cut SA up into areas which they could then control and when the Boer were in dire straits militarily and in some cases virtually starving.  Fascinating!

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Well,  between the links that Coldstream offered, the comments from Peter, and a Google search of De Wet and blockhouses, I am now one of the Worlds leading authorities on this aspect of the Boer War! Okay, that’s not quite true, but my ignorance has been tempered to some degree. Thanks gentlemen. 

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Hi Gents,

Congratulations Stefan - what a great find, a really cool ‘thing’!


I do like the back

its not just the writing I like 


It looks to me like it is in its second or maybe third frame already and the current frame is quality and aged....

This has, I would say, been special to more than one generation.


I do like the front too!

Your first post said ‘picture’, can you tell if it is painted? Or a print?

As Its old and yet in colour

and someone has framed it

and it’s been preserved...,


Do you think it is a unique bit of work?

Nice one 


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