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Buckle on Portuguese Medals

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I have a Portuguese WW1 Victory Medal ...


It has a buckle on the ribbon, which makes it too wide to fit in the box. I assume that the buckle was put on after the issue of the medal, and I have seen pictures of other Portuguese medals with buckles on the ribbon. Why are they put on? Is it just a piece of bling that the recipient fancied, or is it significant in some way? Any help gratefully received.


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This appears to be a standard worn on portuguese medals. I have seen many medals with identical fittings I suspect these were a standard military tailor's issue.


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Many thanks Paul. I contacted the Academia Falerística de Portugal to ask about buckles on Portuguese medals. Senhor Paulo Estrela of the Academia sent this reply:


The buckle, a Portuguese type device, usually is a part of Portuguese decorations; 
but after 1971 regulation Portuguese military medals lost it and nowadays almost none 
is award with.

So, for Portugal’s Victory Medal a bronze buckle is required according with regulation.
After one year, it was decided to issue a small silver star (to be wear on the buckle’s
center) to distinguished the combatants from the so-called non-combatants veterans.
However, many combatants never applied to receive it, even because it was decided after
many people returned to their civilian status.

So, there we have it - all Portuguese WW1 Victory medals should have the buckle ...



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