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Have a look at this photograph.............

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I'd be grateful if you could take a few moments to have a look at the below photograph and share your thoughts as to whether you think it could be the same person..............................



Picture 1 was taken around 1914
Picture 2 was taken in 1902
Picture 3 was taken in 1911



Picture 1 he would have been 18
Picture 3 he would have been 27





Photograph 1 is Sgt 101K William PRICE on his posting from H Division to K Division, aged 30. 

Photograph 2 is of an 18 year old William PRICE with his parents and siblings taken in 1902 at the family home at 38 Eleanor Road Bowes Park.

Photograph 3 is a famous photograph of a group of bobbies taken in 1911 during the Sidney Street siege.





William PRICE

Born 01/08/1884 Highgate London
Bricklayer before he joined the Met (employed by an A Chapman of Noel Park Estate, Wood Green).
Joined 19/02/1906 as a PC in H Div (Warrant No 92896),
Height 5' 10 1/2" 
Weight 11 st 2lbs
Complextion dark
Eyes brown
Hair dark brown
Single man when joined. His address then being 38 Eleanor Road Bowes Park.
William & Martha Jane nee Gibbons, married on the 20/11/06, at Ferme Park Baptist chapel, Hornsey.
Awarded the 1911 Coronation Medal.
Remained at H Division until the 04/04/1914 when he was posted to K Division.
The Sidney Street Siege, took place during William's service in H Division, around 200 officers from the Met & City police involved. Given his address at the time it is highly likely that he took some sort of part in the events.
He was promoted to Station Sergt in 1923 served there as both a PS and SPS in K Div. 
21/09/1923 92896 William PRICE from PS101K To SPS.
Posted to J Division as Insp on the 26/02/1926
Pensioned 16/03/1931 as an Insp in J Div
Recalled as reserve officer 31/08/1939 and joined K Div (Bow) which is next to his old J Div – he was living in Dagenham in 1939. 81 Oval Road South Dagenham (with Martha).
He resigned as Insp in K Div on the 31/07/1942 - his police service was one month short of the three years for a Defence Medal 
On the 1911 census he is listed as living at 37 Dellow Buildings Dellow Street, Shadwell, with his wife Martha Jayne (26) and two sons William George (3) born Whitechapel and Alfred Frederick (1) born Stepney. 
Another son, Stanley was born 1912.
Martha died in Norfolk 1962.
William died at 3 Kirkley Park Road, Lowestoft, on the 10th July 1963.





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On 12/11/2018 at 14:51, Matthew Macleod said:

Visible now, thanks.

Regarding the subject of the pictures- I'd say not positive but likely the same person.

Guess we'll never know for certain. But the semblance  is striking. Although moustaches were very popular back in the day, there can't have been that many officers present who looked like him.............? 

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There are lots of photographs of Winston Churchill at Sidney Street to check.


But another source is the old British Pathe newsreels on youtube. Sometimes you can get a clearer picture and if I remember correctly, you can even order copies of stills if necessary.


Good luck with your search................

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