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Spanish Order of the Red Cross to Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia

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Further to my ongoing research into the awards presented to Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia (ruled 1889-1913) I am having difficulty in ascertaining when and in what circumstances he was awarded the Order of the Red Cross. As he never left Abyssina/Ethiopia during his lifetime I am  'assuming' the award was made in connection with a diplomatic/humanitarian/missionary mission of some kind to the Emperor. This award dates from 1876 to 1899 thus the award to Menelik should date from the period 1889-99. The award is the lower right star in the images.

Any guidance or suggestions would be much appreciated.



P.S. The list of awards received by the the Emperor, excluding Ethiopian orders, are, as far as I am aware:

France - Legion of Honour

Germany - Order of the Red Eagle

Hungary - Order of St. Stephen

Italy - Order of Sts. Maurice & Lazarus

Russia - Order of Alexander Nevski

Turkey - Order of the Mejidie

United Kingdom - Order of the Bath


Menelik A.gif

menelik Detail.gif

Spain Red Cross Order Star.jpg

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Hello oamotme

I having take a view to internet information and the  Universal "Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada Hispano-americana y europea" , there is not any information about spanish-abyssinian relactions in the XIX century, and the Cruz Roja Española have not any list of celebrities that have any decoration (in special so old). But I  found a direction you can ask: The spanish embassy in Etiophia:

http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Documents/FichasPais/Etiopia_FICHA PAIS.pdf

Embajador: D. Borja Montesino Martínez del Cerro Cancillería: Botswana Street, P.O. Box 2312. Teléfono: +251 0122 25 44 11 123 00 83/ 0929 136 159 / 0929 136 161 Teléfono de emergencias consulares: + 251 911 219 403. Fax: +251 0 11 122 25 41.

Correo Electrónico (mail): emb.addisabeba@maec.es

They surely know some english.



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Dear Boris,

A long overdue thank you for these links  - both interesting but no closer to discovering why Menelik received the Spanish Order of the Red Cross. I think I will try and finish my article based on what information I have. If I wait until I have everything it will never see publication!

Kind regards,



I have done another check to see if I have made a mistake on identifying the star but I am convinced it is the Spanish Order of the Red Cross - see image below.

Kind regards,




Menelik Stars Detail.jpg

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