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Paul R

Polish Home Army Items

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Here is a new branch to my collecting interest-  An original Polish Home Army armband and post war medal to a participant in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.  I hope to add to this thread in the future.



Home ARmy1.jpg

Home Army.jpg

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Kind of a late reply but have you managed to add any more items to this theme? Very interesting branch of collecting for sure! Love the armband!

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I have a VM, Valor Cross (Govt in Exile reversed ribbon), and wartime hat badge coming in now.  Sadly, these are all unattributed.  

I am working on deal for a stellar attributed grouping to a VM winner (with Bor's signature on the citation).  He was a sabotage officer in Warsaw during the Uprising.  The current owner was not able to get anywhere with the archives due to the sensitivity of his job (?), but it's a work in progress.  The grouping contains the VM, Home Army Medal, Polish War Medal with four bars, and a pre-war Independence Medal, all with documents.  Also included are his prayer book, original photograph, and some other odds and ends. 

Thank you for the compliment on the above.  The Armband was something I was seeking for a long time.  These are so scary in that they are heavily reproduced.  I am just happy to have an original, despite it being unattributed. 

The Home Army Medal and document belong to a female fighter.

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Hello Paul,

Let me know if you need information or photos from huge AK groups. AK is not my speciality, but I do have a few 100 documented medals and badges from former AK fighters. The Armband you got seems genuine, but new - used by old combatants. Probably made in the 1980s. There are many such Armbands for veterans - close to all made from 1970s to 2000 (roughly). Since they were used by veterans on official occasions, they are genuine - not to be confused with old Armbands from the Warsaw Uprising in late 1944 (those are worth 1000s of US Dollars).

I tried to post a link to my professional FB photo albums which contains a small part of my Polish collection (2nd Rep., Allied Service; AK and PRL), but unfortunately that is not possible for some odd reason. You (and any other interested) will have to send me a friends request since most photos are "friends only". Do a FB search for Søren Aahauge and choose the profile with a II L. P. badge 😉

Did you manage to buy the VM group from the sabotage officer / Warsaw?

Best regards Aahauge


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Hello Aahauge,


Thank you for the nice comments.  I look forward to learning from you.  The armband is definitely not new.  The material is frail and the flash makes it look new.  It is actually fairly soiled and worn.  I found the same pattern of W.P. in an original photo from the Warsaw Uprising.  The material is consistent with the other WW2 examples I've seen.  That aside, I am eager to learn from your words and experience too.  Please explain.  I know these are homemade and very non-standard, which makes authenticating very difficult.

I have a lot to show you since this last post...  medals/documents groups, a nice hat, and another armband.  I will try to come back on tonight to share more.



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Warsaw Uprising Armbands.jpg

Warsaw Uprising Augustowski.jpg

Warsaw Uprising Blandyna.jpg

Warsaw Uprising Kotoski.jpg

Warsaw Uprising Andrzeja.jpg




Polish Ribbon.jpg

Document group for a famous nurse from the Warsaw Uprising.  I love the age progression from the war until late life. 






Photos taken by veteran











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I recently obtained these 2 medals with documents. I am intrigued by the fact they were awarded to a female again, but this time I am lead to believe a "Scout Sister" who worked as a courier. Here are details I have been given or managed to find with the name displayed on the documents:

She was a Scout Sister who defended Katowice in Sep 1939

Memories hm. Weronika Cubert from The Work of the Emergency Scouts during the occupation in Katowcie-Zaleze

Weronika Cubert-Zaleska

War courier of the Home Army District HQ Silesia

I have also seen the spelling Weroniki

I would love to find out any information anyone else can kindly unearth especially her date of birth to establish how old she was at the breakout of war etc.












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