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Uniform ID needed

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In my family photo albums are a photo and a painting.  I am trying to identify who they might be.  The painting could be my great grandfather (b. 1842 d. 1900).  He was in the Royal Horse Guards (Blues).  He was a captain though and I'm not sure he would have been standing as a sentry.  It might just be a random solider.

The photograph could be my great grandmother's brother (b 1851 d. 1891).  He was a Captain in the 5th Dragoon Guards. 

TIA for any help you might be able to provide!



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The Royal Horse Guards is indeed a sentry and not an officer.  No chance of it being a portrait of your family member.

The photograph appears to be a French hussar officer c. 1890.  No chance of it being a Dragoon Guards officer.

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Hello, The Hussar, could be a Spanish one , of Pavia Regiment, red dolman with silver cords .light blue pelisse and breeches with silver braids. three stars on the cuffs also in silver and the thick silver lace above in form of hungarian knot indicaes the rank of colonel. as the man looks young ,probably he is a member of a Royal House. either the Spanish or other. the date ,between 1890 and 1910

Regarding the Guardsman, the sentry carries what appears to be a Snider carbine used between 1866 and 1871 in Home Regiments and until 1901 in India .

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