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Question about Otto Weddigen bronze plaque

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What do you think about plaque? There was one for sale, similar to this one, but it was awarded to Rudolf Singule. Sold for 1850 GBP.  

Have you seen anything similar? Did plaques ever existed or they are modern fantasies?


Material looks too shiny and box also looks new. At least skin does.  


It is not possible to download photos so I am posting a link to Rudolf Singule plaque.  It definitely looks better than Weddigen´s.

I am not sure is it forbidden to post links. If it is, please delete it or I will do it. 















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This item rather newly made.  It has machine engraving that is unlike anything that would have been made in 1914.  It also has a glaring grammatical error that I see (and I am not a native German speaker).  It was therefore prepared by someone who was did not speak German.  This item has no value in my opinion.

Plaques and table medals awarded to individuals are known, but they certainly did not look like this.

Best regards,

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There are several contemporary weddigen commemoratives which are available on the market at reasonably affordable prices. He was a superstar in Germany at the time. This piece is utter durchfall created by a faker of little ability.








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