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French mid 1800s epaulettes?

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Kindly tell me if these epaulettes are French, or another nation? I am thinking they were from the mid 1800s. Thanks in advance.. (also anything else known about them).. Please note the form and placement of hte eagles...


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In my opinion they could be French made, however South/North  America High ranking Officer - a rank of general?

Usually the French Epaulettes do not have metal rims and like Bayern pointed out the eagles have crown over their heads


Second Empire French general Epaulettes look different. 

Any way it is a nice pair

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I am sorry that I did not see your replies til tonight. Here are closeups of the eagles, as you mentioned and also a separate metal eagle I found elsewhere whose general identify I do not know of. the epaulettes and metal eagle are unrelated but I still would be interested in knowing about each. Thanks, David  


I had three images and it is only allowing me to send one photo attachment with this for some reason and I have resized the other two twice.  

The metal eagle I referred to is a separate item from the epaulette conversation or piece. 


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Hello , First, the epaulettes the most probably are US Army . dress epaulettes of a colonel . the eagle is in silver and looks to her right.from when ? Before the Civil war perhaps. Second ,the metallic eagle iis very like of that used during the second French Empire. Please, enter to search with the following: Aigle de giberne du second Empire.www.passionmilitaria com .ther you will find the pic of the eagle

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Hi @eurorders,


I believe that these epaulets are British, not American. The small laurel wreath on the eagle indicates the eagle is the regimental badge of the Royal North British Dragoons, also known as the Scots Greys. These epaulets likely date from 1832-1855 or so and would have been worn by officers in full dress. During this period, the Scots Greys fought in the Crimean War. The eagle badge commemorates the capture of a French regimental eagle by the Scots Greys at Waterloo some years before.


The real experts on these would be the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum, who maintain the regimental traditions of the Scots Greys. I encourage you to reach out to them to confirm the identity of the epaulets. They likely maintain a similar set in their collections (or wish they did!). Their website is at: https://www.scotsdgmuseum.com/


British epaulets from this period are very similar to American epaulets, and I suspect many American officers wore imported epaulets. I have examples of both American and British epaulets from the period in my collection and the construction is almost identical. The eagles on these epaulets are  probably not an American colonel's rank insignia, because of the small laurel wreath which is characteristic of the Scots Greys' regimental badge.


Hope this helps!


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