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M1 opinions required

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Evening Gents

please see below pics of an M1 that I purchased in the week.

my first American helmet 

front seam , swivel bails.

in your expert opinions , is it WW2 ?

and do you think the leather chinstrap is original?

also the batch number is 900 F

do any of you know the year of manufacture plus the manufacturer?

also does the shell finish look like the correct cork finish ?

thank you









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Don't know much about these M1 shells, and absolutely hardly anything about the liners.

The shell batch number looks good to be WW2, up into the 1000s is post war on McCord, has it got a rolled elongated S under the elongated number? Then it's Schlutler and defo WW2. Caused by the stamp on the metal batch before rolling/pressing. Chin strap is stitched on rather than clip, front seam, stainless rim, yep. Are there stress fractures around the back? then yes, more so.

Sorry, don't really know anything about the doibys, liner. I think some are date stamped in the crown. There's a whole thing around the colour of the straps and 'A' hangers that I don't know but must be worth a look on Mr Google

Overall the paint looks to be corked rather than sanded but also looks too light and unworn for it's age, but not all of em went to war, which would also be why the liner strap is in pretty good nick.

The dent would come out pretty easy, just like that loose pin in the other one.

By the way, I tried that painted Harley tank on my 1964 Bonnie being built. Harley/Triumph that'll be a Humph then.



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Just read your reply regarding the M1 again Steve , I’d missed the the bit about the dent coming out easy like my loose pin

easy fix scenario , just off to my little workshop now ,,,,,,

not ;)

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