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Hi All,
I was wondering if this officer can be identified based on his uniform and awards? It looks like the number '13' is on his shoulder boards, but what is his regiment and rank?

Thanks & Regards,

fa 13 - 371565176578.jpg

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We see an uniform of Jäger-Regiment zu Pferde N°13 from Saarlouis (XVI.Army Corps).

He also wears an Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross:


His rank is Oberleutnant (1 star)

The ranklist of honour had two officers of that regiment, who served in the air service later in the war.

Leutnant Neubaur in Flieger-Abt.8, wounded August 8, 1914, died August 21, 1914 in Sennheim (too early, so he won´t be it)

Leutnant Schönberg in Flieger-Abt. (A) 254, missed April 14, 1917.

But he could also be a reserve-officer. Those were not listed in the ranklist of honour.

What´s the badge on his right side? Another pilot badge?

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By the braid on his collar he belongs to the Jaeger zu Pferde. rank ,Leutnant , and regiment ,the 13th . this unit was formed in 1913 and garrisoned in Saarlouis. their facing colour was dark blue. the man on the photo wears a modified Jager Zu Pferde Tunic.

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