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Dear all

i recently posted an infantry assault badge that I had bought 

thanks to J Temple west , I learned it was a fake .

i got a full refund from the dealer and have now bought this one

described as BH Mayer/schickle

weather that means one or the other i’m Not sure . Also described as  tombak

any thoughts or opinions appreciated.

i presume it is an early war of reasonable quality ?

best wishes 


p.s did these “stamped” badges not have maker marks ?




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Good morning, Martin

So, yes..an early die stamped example by Otto Schinkle.

The link, below, will give a little background as to why these badges are commonly described as the 'Mayer/Schickle' design.

There is one thing about this badge I would like to check on, and that is the pin.

All 'Mayer/Schickle' badges have tool marks to the top of the pin. Going on the photo supplied, I can't see this characteristic which would mean that the pin has been replaced at some point.

Here are a couple of pic's to show you what I mean.



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Morning Mr Temple-West

thank you again for your help.

i haven’t received the badge yet and I’m away for the week but will post some pictures of the pin when I return.

i guess a replaced pin is not the end of the world on such a nice piece ?

best wishes


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On ‎19‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 13:09, Martin2 said:

p.s did these “stamped” badges not have maker marks ?

sorry, missed the p.s.… certain makers did maker mark their early stamped badges, but not many.

F.W Assmann was a manufacturer that maker marked their die stamped badges...but not always.

Some examples of the same badge that were produced by Assmann, marked and unmarked.

Kriegsmarine breast eagle for the summer uniform.






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Hello again mr West

ive been trying to upload pictures of the pin now that I have the award but for some reason I’m not having any luck so far .

however , I can tell you that the pin is straight rather than having a slight crook

before the long straight if that makes sense.

so I presume it to be a replacement.

the pin does look to me to be of the same period as the badge , perhaps damaged in service and then later repaired ?

i will still try to send a picture 

many thanks


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