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Well that got your attention did it not !

ok , no I haven’t just found a nice SS DD

M35 in a skip  , but I have seen posts of people saying that they would rather get their collectibles from skips than pay the silly money required to buy these items .

now i’m A builder and deal with skips on a regular basis but , as yet I’ve not picked out a nice German helmet of any type.

i own three nice German helmets , which yes I have payed silly money for .

collecting German helmets is a rich mans Hobby and I’m not a rich man so I will stop at three. I fear that if I had waited for these items to turn up in a skip , I may have gone to my grave disappointed .

i don’t doubt for a minute that people have made such finds and the reason for this post is that I think it would be interesting to hear what people have found !.

especially guys like spasm who have the skills to transform a rusty old lid into a battle fresh piece with 75 years of patina.

cheers all



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I once found a German paratrooper helmet. With remains of camo paint and a ghost decal. The helmet was painted green and white enamel color and was used as food bowel for a dog. 

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I am into antiques in general and we often clear houses.

But just like you, I haven't found much militaria until now.

And surely no M35 DD...

But never the less, greatest part of my collection doesn't come from fairs or dealers...

I get most, sometimes from colleagues who do find militaria,  my local auction house and flea markets.

Best find ever was a couple years ago. Not really militaria related, and found at the local auction house at a very low price.

It can be seen her on the forum.



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Hi Stuka

ive read the link

wow , now that was a result ,

might try to find up the episode to watch.

i guess that over the years I’ve also had some wonderful and valuable finds , not Militaria related.

when I first started work , I was just levelling the base of some foundations and a million to one chance found a beautiful pair of knapped flint axe heads.

and as a metal detectorist , I have found many beautiful coins and artefacts so I guess I shouldn’t grumble


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