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Need Help w/ WW2 Italian Navy Rank & Award Data

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Hello Gentlemen,     I'm attempting to determine exactly what the following data indicates. It's listed on a 1947 dated document awarding the recipient the, "la Croce al Merito Militare", which I understand to mean the Cross of Military Merit. Above all that text is, "Marina Militare", which was the Italian Navy. My real question is if someone could PLEASE educate me as to the meaning of the following;

>>> "S. Capo Segn. - matr. 97289 - cl. 1919, Ferruccio BENVENUTO fu Giuseppe. Then, "l? Confessione - Part. Combatt." <<< Below that is the date of 19 November 1947, along w/ what appears to be the authorizing agency or similar entry. <<<

       If anyone would be so kind as to PLEASE translate this for me, I'll really appreciate it. THANK YOU

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I think you are referring to the "Croce al Merito di Guerra" (War Merit Cross), because a Croce al Merito Militare (Cross for Military Merit), in 1947 didn't exist.

"Marina Militare" is Italy's Navy, after the fall of the Monarchy (earlier, its name was "Regia Marina", or "Royal Navy").

S.Capo Segn. means "Sottocapo Segnalatore", or the rank immediately above Sailor, of the Signal Corps.

Matr. 97289 is the number reported in his "dog-tag", in other words his enlistment number.

cl. 1919 means "Classe 1919": he was born in 1919

Ferruccio Benvenuto (name and family name)

"fu Giuseppe", means "son of the late Giuseppe" (first name of his father, deceased already, at the moment of the award)

"I? Confessione - Part. Combatt.": I think the correct transcription should be: "I^ Concessione - Part. Combatt.", or "first award, for participation to fightings". The War Merit Cross, was awarded after a continuous period of presence and active participation to combats; meaning that this man received a further cross.

the date, actually is when the decoration was awarded.

Would it be possible to see a pictures of this paper?

Best wishes,



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 Hello Elmer, I THANK YOU so very much for your kind & prompt reply. I've had a basic idea as to this document's meaning, but needed someone to confirm & explain some of the not so we'll understood terms. I obtained this locally, & am fairly certain that the recipient was a local man who has since passed away. As soon as I have some free time, I'll delve into that aspect. Also, I'll dig out the original document & look it over again to determine exactly what it says. I'm working off a photocopy of it, as I usually perform my research using copies. That way, the original remains safe & filed away. The recipient must have been relatively proud of this award, as when obtained it was neatly framed & obviously had been well cared for. My own Great Uncle had been a career Sailor in the Regia Marina, circa WW1 & WW2 era's. He is referred to as an "Matesciallo Marina Militare". I assume that his Gravestone doesn't state "Regia Marina" due to the fact that he passed away in 1974, well past the date when R.M. was last used ? ( Just for reference, he was; Michele Pastore, IIRC, the Manfredonia area. Born on 17 April 1884 / Died on 25 June 1974 ) I'm quite interested in learning anything I can about him, & of course B. Ferruccio, but not being fluent in Italian, I'm sure this will be very difficult. I THANK YOU again for your very informative reply, & will try to get a photo posted sometime soon.

        Best regards,   Dom Pastore Jr.  / dpast32@aol.com

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Hi Elmer,  You are indeed correct. I just re-read the document, ( My reference copy ) & the 'title' is as you indicated. It states; "LA CROCE AL MERTITO DO GUERRA". There's also some other data at both the top & bottom of it that I didn't note initially. there's also something is noted at the bottom, which appears to be; 'Bollettino C.M.G. 151'        ( 1 problem is that when copying it, it was still in it's frame, & m printer was set on 'economy print', which produces less detailed, lighter copies. I'm trying to find the original document, & see what I can do to get it posted here on the GMIC. I'll keep you updated. THANKS

   Best,  dpast32

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