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Socialist Republic of Vietnam – Bravery Order


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Socialist Republic of Vietnam – Bravery Order

Hi All,

I am adding SRV pages to my website, and I had some questions from the SRV collectors out there :

1. This order was created by decree in 2003, and ratified in 2004.  The design was given in the decree of 2006.  Does anyone know when it actually came out ?  in 2004 (was their earlier design info elsewhere ?) or only in 2006 when the design details were decreed ?

2. Does anyone know if the initial 2004 versions had 25mm ribbons and then 28mm per the 2006 regulations ?

3. Does anyone have any references for this order ?

The draft page is here: http://www.indochinamedals.com/srv/o-09_bravery_order.html



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