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I begin here a section about military spanish and hispano-american curiosities: If somebody knows any, please  do not keep your mouth shut. Say here.





The motto "SEMPER FIDELIS" ("always loyal") is typical of the American Marines Corp...  and also was adopted by the spanish TERCIO de la Armada (Spanish Marine Corp)

 Spanish Marine Corp Is the most ancient in the world, create in february, 27 1537 by the Emperor of Roman-German empire and King of Castile and  Aragón, etc... Charles the fifth (they are infantry professional soldiers) board and that stay apart of the naval crew. This is the real reason because the spanish armada rule the waves for two centuries, as less. Apart of this Castile have the most strongest navy as less since XIV century in West-Europe and Aragón from XIII siecle as less in the west-mediterranean sea.

The Gregorian calendar, much accurate than the Julian calendar, was developed by pope Gregorio the thirteen , and from 1582  adopted immediately in the navies of some catholic countries, between them SpainItaly, Portugal, Poland, that adopted it. This technology  was the best for the measure of time in sailing. This new  precision in long travels let spanish armada (within a much superior cartography) to take a definitive  advantage to his european enemies than can't find the way to America for one centurie. The first nations than come, in fact use spanish  betrayer pilots.

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That the famous " The Congressional MEDAL OF HONOR" have the motto in spanish "VALOR", not 'courage' or 'bravery' in english even 'honor' comes from the spanish honor and not from the english 'honour'.


Even the most important argentinian historian claims that Jefferson was an spaniard (it is difficult). Anyway the dollar symbol means Spain and the two bars the "Columnas the Hercules" that are in south of Spain and are a symbol that comes from Reyes Católicos tems (XIV century), One is Gibraltar...Dollar.jpg.c2120fcff8e4e288fef858b5c746aa91.jpg

Even the american dollar and the "pesos" of Hispano América. comes from the spanish "Real the a 8" currency that was the stronger money currency in all the world during four centuries until XIX century. It dies in China in 1945.




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