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Six medals, mid 1930's to 1947


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I have these six medals. I honestly don't know a better forum to post them in to ask about them. They're very confusing, especially the one dated 1947. It's got the Switzerland cross on the front, but it's got German, French, and Italian on the back. The others seem to all be French.

They were in a box in New York City that was sealed in the mid 1970's. Once I figure out what they are I'm hoping to figure out if they've been earned by someone in the family or just collected by them.

20190225_000117 - Copy.jpg

20190225_000236 - Copy.jpg

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Hello gabatgh,

These medals are definitely not French. As Tony said these are Swiss Shooting Contest Medals.

There are 4 languages spoken in Switzerland : French, German, Italian and Romanche (plus Yeniche but only in the Grisons Canton).

Only the first three are official languages.



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