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The second ribbon is definitely the Friedrichskreuz.

The front of the ribbon faded but on the backside the original colors are still preserved.

The fifth ribbon is in my opinion the General Honor Decoration (Prussia).



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On 05/03/2019 at 21:39, JasonA said:

Nicolas - too bad it’s not identifiable, but a very nice bar nonetheless!


Thanks, Jason! The Friedrichskreuz is not that common on ribbon bars, so I was happy to find this one!

2 hours ago, Paul C said:

The yellow ribbon is the centennial 1897 medal and if the person was in during the 1920's and an officer he would have / should have had at least a RAO or KO and more wartime decorations.

I see. Thanks for the explanation👍

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10 hours ago, Dave Danner said:

If #4 is a Centenary, then #5 cannot be a Prussian Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen, as a Prussian decoration would come before a Prussian commemorative or service medal. 

5 hours ago, chuck said:

Could the 5th medal be a Hessen Medal?


I had a look again and it is very hard to see, but it could be the Hessen Bravery Medal.

Why would it be at #5 and not at #3, though.


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the color looks light blue with red stripes and seems to match the standard hessen ribbon but could not be a bravery award as the location is wrong. . 

not my picture from a GMIC member in the hessen bars thread





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