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High ranked 1919 Belgian customs uniform

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Just got home from a 400 km trip, but very pleased with what I brought back.

First is a mod 1919 jacket for a high ranked custom officer.

Documentation about Belgian military uniforms is quiet hard to find, but for customs, it is a nightmare...

There is a lot of more research to do, but what I know so far is that there is only one rank higher then this one. And that is the boss, director of Belgian customs. So one single person, with that rank ((full-) colonel).

About the rank I could lay hands on, it is a lieutenant colonel (equal to the military branch).

The palm on the collar tab, next to the rank insignia, shows he was part of the administration.

Custom agents doing the field work had a grenade on they re collar tab.

My guess is that no more then ten custom agents could hold the rank of lieutenant colonel, and probably even less with palms...

So needless to say I am more then happy with this one of his kind uniform. Also know as the mod 1915, for the army.It became the mod 1919 for customs; due to the war.


My second bring back is a Belgian Congo photo album, of a also high ranked military officer. But no pictures yet of this one. I will show it asap in a new post.

The picture of the customs officer, is the sellers picture. I will post better ones when ready.


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