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"Kriegsverdienstkreuz in Gold" ?

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I'm trying to help a friend understand exactly what medal her distant relative received in April 1918.  All that the brief obituary offers is that he was a Vizefeldw. from Hannover, serving in Regiment Nr. 74 and that he received the "Kriegsverdienstkreuz in Gold".  I thought it would be easy to show her a picture of the medal or maybe even get her a copy (i.e. fake) to put in a frame, but I can't even understand which medal he received!  Would this be the Prussian Kriegsverdienstkreuz or the Saxon Kriegsverdienstkreuz or something else?  There is no mention of it being with or without swords, but family legend indicates that he received it for combat.  Your help in explaining this to me and my friend would be grately appreciation.  Thank you

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Hello Mr. Red Eagle Order: Thank you for trying to help and please forgive me for taking so long to thank you!  I wish that I had more information about the man and the award.  The only other information that I have is that family members had the impression that is was an unusual medal or one that few if any other members of his regiment received, but then we probably all have stories about how a veteran's account became inflated or magnified by time and the family.  I was leaning toward the Prussian award, but that would be extremely rare... if I undestand it's award and significance.  With regard to your suggestions, I don't understand why would he have received a medal from Lippe-Detmold when he was in a Hannoverian regiment?  Thank you and everyone else for your time and assistance.  

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I would suggest goldenes Militärverdienstkteuz due the fact that he received the medal for combat in 1918.


Goldenes Miliärverdienstkreuz was the highest military award for NCO and enlisted men.

I think someone is able to prove it. So could you deliver his name?


Kind regards



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Hi, I have checked the lists of the recipients of the Prussian golden Military merit cross, the so called Pour le Mérite for NCOs. 

The IR 74 recieved 9 crosses, but the first reward was given on May 1918. The guy was Willi Hausinger.

Here is the complete list:

  • Willi Heusinger: 05.18.1918
  • Ferdinand Albers: 07.08.1918
  • Friedrich Möller: 07.08.1918
  • Ernst Reiche: 07.16.1918
  • Ludwig Hagemann: 10.25.1918
  • Meyer: 10.25.1918
  • Oskar Riemenschneider: 10.25.1918
  • Friedrich Schuttmann: 10.25.1918
  • Adolf Wendt: 10.25.1918

Please bear in mind, that I have written the dates in the american format, so it is month, date, year. If your friend is relative to some of the guys mentioned by me, than you know, which order he got. 


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