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Possible Norwich Police Royal Visit Medal??

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I am researching police medals and awards issued by UK local authorities to their police, for long service as well as bravery and meritorious conduct. I have come across the following information regarding a supposed 'Norwich medal to police for a Royal Visit'. Can anyone help with more information?

There is anecdotal information provided by Inspector C.W. Tozer, in his article ‘Provincial Police Medals’  (written about 1949) about the existence of a Norwich Police Medal. He found no known record of the medal but Tozer states a firm of military tailors in the City did recall it, and they believed it to have been issued between 1902 and 1914 to commemorate a Royal visit. It was said to be known as the ‘Mousehold Medal’.

 Inspector Tozer states he had a piece of ribbon said to belong to the medal, which is ‘red with a blue stripe towards one edge and a green stripe towards the other, with a narrow yellow stripe in the centre’. 

Examination of local records confirm 2 Royal visits. HM King Edward VII visited Norwich on 25th October 1909 to lay the foundation stone of the extension to the Norfolk & Norwich hospital. As part of the visit units of the Territorial Army paraded before the King on the Mousehold Heath review ground.

There is also a record of King George V visiting Norwich in 1935.

 In view of the anecdotal evidence provided, the King Edward VII visit appears to be most likely to match the medal issue as described. The date of the visit (within the stated period), the activity at Mousehold Heath and the parade event probably meant a police involvement in managing the arrangements- with the consequent possibility of a commemorative medal.

Any information gratefully accepted!

David   (dpk@iinet.net.au)  



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Problem partly solved. The medal was the Norfolk Veteran Medal- issued by the King to veterans of the armed forces who attended the Territorial Army review conducted during his visit in 1909. It may have also been issued to police who attended the event, or possibly who were veterans themselves.

However it is most likely that it was issued only to military veterans in attendance that day.

Pics shown.

Norfolk Veteran RS Rev.jpg

Norfolk Veterans RS Obv.jpg

Norfolk Veterans medal 1909 Obv.jpg

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