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Hello Ilja,

Great addition to the Orders Data Base. Nauru is very remote, and even if I like to travel, I bet I won't never go there.

Till yet, the onliest data about a nauran award was the Nauru Administration Loyal Service issued by Australia, who was administrating Nauru till it's full Independence in 1968.

This medal was instituted in 1949, and according to sources from book, 49 have been issued (2 in 1949, 5 in 1951, 13 in 1956 and 29 in 1968). Likely the medal shall have been obsolete since 1968 (source : Medals to Australia Third Edition by R.D. Williams ).

The medal is rarely found, and it seems that the planchet was a bit "off" the dies. One such awarded medal was sold 800 AUD $ in an auction house in Sydney in 1998.

The one in my collection is un named (it also came from an australian auction, but much cheaper). However in all my life, I have only saw 2 such a medal with my own eyes.

The medal is large : 44 Millimeters in Diamater, 3,2 Millimeters Tick, and Weight : 50 Grammes.



Nauru Loyal Service Medal obverse.jpg

Nauru Loyal Service Medal reverse.jpg

Nauru Loyal Service Medal obverse (sold 800 AUD in 1998).jpg

Nauru Loyal Service Medal reverse (sold 800 AUD in 1998).jpg

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Hello Ilja, the collectors and the community of enthusiast on Orders & Medals should awards you the Palms of Excellence.

Despite not being an award in itself, I ounce grab this photo on the net, which seems to be a Commemorative Medal for Nauru Independence in January 1968, probably struck for the purpose of being awarded to the Officials attending the ceremony.

If anyone on the forum, has photos of the Independence Ceremony in Nauru in January 1968, this would be relevant to post them here.



Nauru Independance Medal.jpg

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This is such another connected photo.

Here is the link


1968, Representatives of Nauru's three trustee nations, from left, D.J. Carter (New Zealand), Charles Barnes ( Australian Minister for Territories), Charles Johnson (United Kingdom), with on far right holding the flag Hammer DeRoburt First President of Nauru ( 1968-1976, then 1978-1986 (17 September 1986), then 1st October to 12 December 1986, then 22 December 1986 to 17 August 1989 ).

Hammer deRoburt was made a K.B.E. by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1982.

Some sources refer he was also G.C.M.G.


Nauru Displaying Nauru Flag 1968.jpg

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It is notified for general information that on Monday 7th December, 2018 Cabinet approved the appointment of the following persons as Members of Decorations and Medals Selection Committee:

1. Chairman - Chief Secretary – Mr. Bernard Grundler

2. Member - Chief of Staff – Mr. Peter Jacob

3. Member - Cabinet Secretary – Mr. Sasikumar Paravanoor

4. Member - Clergy – Rev. Roger Mwareow

5. Member - Community Rep – Mrs. Winnie Tsitsi

Dated this 17th day of December, 2018



Mr. Bernard Grundler have profile on Linkedin. We can ask him about ODM :)

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Hello Gentlemen,

Thank you Ilja for these great photo. I was doing some research too from my side, but you get a bit faster to upload. 

I get another photo from President Baron Waqa, it's on 51st Anniversary of Independence in January 2019, he is wearing a breast medal, that due to the type of ribbon, might be a chinese medal or a medal produced in the Republic of China. 

The woman he is with on the photois not getting an award, she is actually Muriel Cecil, the oldest living nauruan, and President is presenting her a presentation board with First Day Cover stamps honouring the 5 generation of her family that are living in Nauru.



Nauru President Baron Waqa Present First Day Cover to oldest Nauruan Cecil 92 on 51th Indepedence Ceremony.jpg

Nauru President Baron Waqa 2019 with a Medal.png

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President Waqa of Nauru, was awarded the Order the Brilliant Jade on 25 March 2019, when President Tsai from the Republic of China did a State Visit to Nauru.

The photo where he wear a single breast medal with bleu, white, red ribbon, predates these 2 photos.

On the background of Photo 1 of this post is Nauru Polie Commissioner Corey Caleb, wearing his 4 medals.

Regards to all.


Nauru President Baron Waqa with President Tsai from China with Award of Brilliant Jade.jpg.jpeg

Nauru President Baron Waqa with President Tsai from China.jpg

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Cearly the ADC of President Baron Waqa is wearing the same medal here, on the day of President Tsai from Republic of China visit,than he was wearing on the 5th Anniversary of Independence Celebration. But his medals are not worn in same sequence, the one on position 3 and 4 have been inverted if you compare with the photo of 31January 2019, which was the 51st Anniversary of Independence.

Any reference to these medals, would be welcome.

Best regards.


Nauru Medal Officer during President Tsai Visit to Nauru 2019 a.png

Nauru Medal Officer Medal during President Tsai Visit to Nauru 2019 2.png

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Hello Gentlemen,

At least 25 % of the mystery of the medal worn by Nauru Police Commissioner Corey Caleb is solved. At least one of his 4 medals is not from Nauru, but from Solomon Islands. The one at right hand side, with sky blue ribbon, with a yellow central stripe edged in green. This medal is Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal.

This Solomon Islands Medal had been awarded to Tonga Police Officers, and to Papua New Guinea Police Officers, so it make sense, that the Police Commissioner of Nauru has been awarded one also.

I will post photo in a following post, within 30 minutes.

Regards to all.


Nauru Police Commissioner Corey Caleb with Taiwan Coast Guard Director General Chen Guo-en.jpg

Nauru Police Commissioner Corey Caleb 2.jpg

Capture d’écran 2019-06-15 à 16.06.15.png

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Here is the best photo I have been able to found of the actual medal : Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal.

Here, the medal is awarded to an Officer of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

The type of case of issue "might" suggest that the medal might have been manufactured in Australia.

If any one on this forum has more information, he's most welcome to post new information.

Regards to all.


Solomon Isl Royal Solomon  Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal.jpg

Solomon Isl Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal on a PNG Officer.jpg

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Hello Gentlemen,

I'am wondering if this medal was known from phalerist before. It is what it is. 

Nauru Medal for 25th Anniversary of Independence 31 January 1993.

The medal is in silver, or good quality cooper-nickel, but I bet it's silver (no hallmarks).

I got it with its red velvet case of issue (the case is anonymous).

But now, I'am also wondering if there might exist a Nauru 50th Anniversary of Independence 1968-2018.....

If any one here, has information....

Regards to all.


Nauru Medal for 25 Years Independence 1993 obverse.jpeg

Nauru Medal for 25 Years Independence 1993 obverse close up.jpeg

Nauru Medal for 25 Years Independence reverse.jpeg

Nauru Medal for 25 years Independence 1993 reverse close up.jpeg

Nauru Medal for 25 Years Independence 1993 side.jpeg

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Here are some images of the Nauru Police International Law Enforcement Partnership Medal. You can see it in the photos of the Nauru Police Commissioner elsewhere in the thread. Not sure of the eligibility criteria though. Very nicely made medal.




Some images of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal (ILEC Medal for short). Awarded for 180 days service in a police assistance role in the Solomon Islands. Issued unnamed.




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