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Dear fellow collectors,

recently I was talking to a number of German collectors about pre-ww1 uniforms, when one of the collectors stepped forward and told me he was the great-great-grandson of Johann Heinrich Gottfried von Wodtke (1837-1907) and that his Great-Great-Grandfather was a Generalleutnant. He showed me a picture and asked me if I could perhaps tell him his ancestor's awards, which I promptly did. After telling him which kinds of highranking orders he had recieved he got enthustiac and asked me if I could tell him more, I couldn't but I wondered if any of you could perhaps help him on his quest to learn more. Here is a picture of him, and I will list all info we have at this moment.


We know that his rank was Generalleutnant, and that he was ennobled (the 'von' in his name), we know he lived from 1837 untill 1907 and that his son Georg was a Generalmajor (1864-1942). He fought in the Austro-German war and took part in the battle of Königgratz, and he took part in the Franco-Prussian war (receiving both classes of the Iron Cross and perhaps the RAO4X, although that could also have been during the Austro-German war). His awards are as follows: 

* Red Eagle Order 2. class Schwertern am Ring

* Bavarian Military Merit Order 2. class

* Crown Order 1. class sash and star

* Red Eagle Order 2. class star Schwertern am Ring

* Unknown award hidden under the sash of the Crown Order

* Iron Cross 1870 both classes

* Red Eagle Order 4. class with swords

* Long service award for 25 years

* Medal for the Franco-Prussian war with clasps

* Cross for the battle of Königgratz

* Centenary-medal

We know this picture was taken during the last 10 years of his life, we also know he served atleast for some time in IR 76. We would be grateful for any info regarding his decorations, ranks and Dienststelle.

Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius


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Hi Laurentius,

this from the Offizier-Stammliste of Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 5. He was actually born in 1836. The date of death shown here is wrong; he died on 24 March 1907. He was awarded the RAO4X for Trautenau during the Austro-Prussian War.





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Dear Gentlemen! I have these decorations for Generalleutnant z. D. Heinrich von Wodtke:

Roter Adlerorden, IV. mit Schwertern, 1866

Erinnerungs-Kreuz für den Feldzug von 1866

Eisernes Kreuz (1870), II. und I. Klasse

Kaiserliche Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 mit sieben Gefechtsspangen

Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), Komturkreuz II. Klasse (BMV2b)

Franz-Joseph-Orden, Komturkreuz (ÖFJ2)

Albrechts-Orden, Komturkreuz II. Klasse (SA2b)

Friedrichs-Orden (WF2b)

Preußischer Kronenorden, III. Klasse

Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz, 1878

Roter Adlerorden, III. Klasse mit der Schleife und Schwertern am Ringe

Orden vom Zähringer Löwen, Kommandeur II. Klasse (BZL2b/BZ2b)

Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne, III. Klasse (JVAS3)

Orden der Krone von Italien, Komturkreuz (JK3)

Fürstlich Lippischer Hausorden, Ehrenkreuz I. Klasse (LH.EK1)

Orden der Krone von Rumänien, Kommandeurkreuz (RumK3)

St.-Annen-Orden, II. Klasse (RA2)

Orden der Württembergischen Krone, Komturkreuz (WK2/WK2b)

Anlegeerlaubnis im Dezember 1884 durch den König von Preußen (Militär-Wochenblatt, Band 69, S. 2052)

Jubiläums-Eichenlaub „25“ 1870/1895

Zentenarmedaille, 1897

Roter Adlerorden, II. Klasse mit den Schwertern am Ringe

Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne, II. Klasse (JVAS2)

Roter Adlerorden, II. Klasse mit dem Stern, Eichenlaub und Schwertern am Ringe

Preußischer Kronenorden, I. Klasse mit Schärpe und Stern, 1892


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Thank you Laurentius for your kind words,
It is I who is grateful for belonging to this wonderful gentlemen's club, which makes our hobby more enjoyable. And to be able to share with all of you this great passion that unites us.

Deutschritter check your email


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