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This is an interesting disk, it ticks an amazing number of boxes for me


1)      I love the beautiful Münster Valley and the area where 18th Bavarian Reserve served

2)      I am a fanatical Leib Regt Collector

3)      I am always after anything connected to Sturm Battalions

4)      I collect anything related to WW1 units from Aschaffenburg

5)      I have a small sideline of the 9th Bavarian Inf Regt as many of the locals landed up there

The original owner served in all of them…..


Infanterist Sebastian hammer was born in München on the 5th of October 1895


Hammer joined as a recruit on the 01.07.1915 and underwent training in the II. Ersatz Bataillon of the 1. Bay. Infanterie Regiment.


19. 10.1915 he was posted to the 9. Komp. Of the 18. Bay. Reserve Infanterie Regiment in the field near Landersbach in the Münster valley.


07.01.1916 he was diagnosed with Pneumonia and entered Hospital, returning to Germany.


28.03.1916, after his release from hospital, he was posted to the 6. Komp. II. Ersatz Bataillon of the Infanterie Leib Regiment.


08.09.1916 Etappen Inspektion A.O.K. 6


06.05.1917 Mobile Etappen Kommandanteur No. 37


04.07.1917 4. Komp. Landsturm Infanterie Battalion Aschaffenburg


While with the Battalion he participated in positional warfare in Flanders


25.10.1917 10. Komp 9. bay. Infanterie Regiment


With the Regiment he took part in positional warfare at Remenauville, Regnieville and Fay-en-Haye. During this period, on the 29.10. – 23.11.1917 he was posted for assault training with the Sturm Bataillon Nr. 14. The Regiment remained in the sector until the 31.03.1918.

The Regiment took part in the battle at Kemmel from the 16.04.-29.04.1918 then positional warfare in Flanders until 03.05.1918. After a period of rest to the rear of the 4. Armee lasting from the 06.05. – 10.06.1918. On the 07.07.1918 the 4th Bavarian Infanterie Division was in the line in the Moolenacker – Merris sector near Armentiers. Sebastian Hammer was killed by a bullet to the head, there was not enough Action to warrant an entry for that day in the Regimental history.


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