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DCM, MM Numbers

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I am seeing if there is a database of how many DCM and MM where awarded to each regiment for WW1, if so would appreciate a push in the right direction





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Here is some general information to, perhaps, steer you in the right direction: http://www.greatwar.co.uk/medals/british-ww1-medal-records.htm

The War Office/National Archives records, however, are organized  individually, by name, serial number and unit.  I'm not sure about UK records but the Canadian equivalent are not  listed by regiment, nor is there a handy index of numbers to units.  Any such work I am aware of [in Canada] is the result of years of painstaking work by individual collectors and researchers, usually done by combing through ALL of the London Gazette entries for the relevant decorations and periods.  :(

But perhaps the situation is better 'over 'ome'.

Just found this on a British site:


Naval & Military Press have sent me the following:

"Citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914-1920 - This much-needed series lists the full citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal (and second and third award bars) in the Great War. The DCM may not have the cachet of the VC, but the deeds told in the citations for the award are just as heroic and inspiring.

The citations for DCMs are hard to find - unit histories often have no space for more than a brief mention, or just the bare fact of the award tucked away in an appendix. Others are lost in the labyrinth of small print in the official "London Gazette". But, thanks to the research of Rob Walker, who compiled the citations, and the tireless work of Chris Buckland who oversaw the mammoth task of typing of all 25,000+ citations, the brave deeds which won the medals are here for all to see.

It is, for my budget anyway, quite pricey at (RRP £225), but their current "Offer" price is £125.

I hope this information is of interest."

I would imagine such a mammoth work would include some indecises which might include what you seek.  Good luck!

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