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Order of Suvorov (recipients from Yugoslavia)

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I've been doing some research on Yugoslav recipients of Soviet awards and I've decided to share the information I've gathered. I'll do the first class first and post some photos I've found online.

There are five Yugoslav recipients of the first class.

1. Josip Broz Tito - awarded on October 4th 1944

2. Ivan Gošnjak -  awarded on June 20th 1956 (also awarded with the second class)

3. Arso Jovanović - awarded on October 15th 1945

4. Koča Popović - awarded on October 15th 1945 (also awarded with the second class)

5. Aleksandar Ranković - awarded on October 15th 1945

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Now the second class although I'm not sure the list of recipients is complete.

1. Mihajlo Apostolski - awarded on September 5th 1944

2. Peko Dapčević - awarded on September 5th 1944

3. Ivan Gošnjak - awarded on September 5th 1944

4. Koča Popović - awarded on September 5th 1944

5. Franc Rozman - awarded on September 5th 1944

6. Velimir Terzić - awarded on September 5th 1944

7. Jovan Vukotić


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Koča Popović's Suvorov 2nd class. The photo of the order is from the same exhibition as his 1st class I've posted previously. The photo was taken by our forum member Paja and he posted it in the topic below, so many thanks to him!


Koča Popović wearing Suvorov 2nd class


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After some time, I'd like to update the list since I've found two more names and dates for the second class, plus an additional nine recipients of the third class. I've changed the format of the list which includes the recipients rank at the time he got the award.

Order of Suvorov 1st class:

1. maršal Broz Josip (5.9.1944.)

2. general armije Gošnjak Ivan (20.6.1956.)

3. general-lajtnant Jovanović Arso (15.10.1945.)

4. general-lajtnant Popović Koča (15.10.1945.)

general-lajtnant Ranković Aleksandar (15.10.1945.)

Order of Suvorov 2nd class:

1. general-major Apostolski Mihajlo (5.9.1944.)

2. general-lajtnant Dapčević Peko (5.9.1944.)

3. general-lajtnant Gošnjak Ivan (5.9.1944.)

4. general-lajtnant Nađ Kosta (15.10.1945.)

5. general-major Obradović Branko (15.10.1945.)

6. general-lajtnant Popović Koča (5.9.1944.)

7. general-major Rozman Franc (5.9.1944.)

8. general-lajtnant Terzić Velimir (5.9.1944.)

9. general-major Vukotić Jovan (15.10.1945.)

Order of Suvorov 3rd class: (pukovnik=colonel, potpukovnik=lieutenant colonel)

1. pukovnik Baće Maks (15.10.1945.)

2. pukovnik Đurić Momčilo (15.10.1945.)

3. pukovnik Ivanović Miladin (15.10.1945.)

4. pukovnik Jovanović Radivoje (15.10.1945.)

5. potpukovnik Komnenović Danilo (15.10.1945.)

6. pukovnik Penezić Slobodan (15.10.1945.)

7. pukovnik Popović Vujadin (15.10.1945.)

8. pukovnik Uzunovski Cvetko (15.10.1945.)

9. pukovnik Vidović Žarko (15.10.1945.)

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