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Cubans manufacturers of civil and military orders

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Dear Friend,


The purpose of this topic is to created a list of the cuban order and medal maker during the period of the spanish colony and the Cuban Republic until 1959.  


During the colonial period some Spanish order (militaty merit, Maria Cristina, Hermeneguildo) were made in Cuba or sold with a cuban maker's plaque on the back.

For the colonial period I have listed the following manufacturers from Cuba :


  1. A. Ramentol. Located # 29 street O’Reilly esquina in Habana.

  2. Pereda. Located #15 Muralla street in Habana.

  3. Perdeda y Hermano. Located #15 Muralla street in Habana.

  4. Vicente Revuelta. Located #91 Obispo street in Habana.

  5. B. Gutierrez. Located #24 Teniente Rey Street in Habana.

  6. B. Gutierrez y Hermano. Located #24 or 42 Teniente Rey Street in Habana.

  7. J. Ardanin. Located #96 Obispo street in Habana

  8. Carlos Cabello. Located in Habana

  9.  Maximino Perez. Located #18 Teniente Rey Street in Habana.


 Regarding the Republic period the well know maker were:


  1. Freeman #2 Mercaderes street in Habana

  2. Pedro Colomar #4 Chacon street in Habana or #20 Perfecto Lacoste street

  3. Fuentes &Alvarez #162 Neptuno street Habana

  4. Vilardebo y Riera #53 Dragones Street in Habana.  The name was changed in Antigua Vilardebo y Riera near 1937.  

  5. Dator located in Habana

  6. Fosse Located in Habana

  7. Joyeria Bared #503 Aguila Habana


Please feel free to complete this list and add pictures. It would be great to have a full knowledge of all the Cuban jewele/ Manufacturer.





























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Dear Antonio, 

Do you have pictures of order with Cuban maker ‘s plaque? 

For the republic period I forget Gumersindo Suares from Habana.

Edited by cuba1959

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