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Help researching RAF officer Gulf war thru Iraq

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Hello Gentlemen.

I am trying to research an RAF officer with service from the Gulf war to Iraq.

His medal group consists of:

·      Gulf War Medal

·      GSM – Air Operations Iraq clasp

·      NATO – Former Yugoslavia clasp

·      Iraq Medal

·      Queen’s Coronation – Golden Jubilee

·      Queen’s Coronation – Diamond Jubilee

The 3 campaign medals are all named the same:


 I have had no luck finding anything on this officer online.   

If someone can give me some direction in researching this officer I would appreciate it.

Also, his rank on the Gulf and Iraq medals is the same.  Is it unusual to hold the same rank in the RAF for so long?  Ten plus years?




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I'm not a military expert but it might be that he for some reason left the RAF for a period during those intervening years and joined again but then again looking at his medals I doubt my own theory.

Or for some other reason he reached Squadron Leader rank and didn't progress beyond it but was considered a good enough pilot/soldier to be deployed to trouble spots.

As I said I'm not a military expert and would glad be corrected by more knowledgeable members.

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