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Peaked cap with Kyffhaeuserbund badge. Any Idea?

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Good evening Gentlemen,

About 15 years ago, I bought an old peaked cap sporting a Brunswick officer's cockade and an enamelled oval Kyffhaeuserbund badge.

It is made of khaki cotton material, with red woollen piping and red-brown cotton lining.

Does anyone have any info about it? 

See pictures in attachment.

All the best.

Jean-Sam. Karlen


DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze Front.jpg

DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze cockades.jpg

DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze Left.jpg

DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze Right.jpg

DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze Inside Front.jpg

DE Kyffhaeuserbund Schirmmütze Top.jpg

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Mistery cap. the Kyffhauser badge is pre nazi era. is all what i can said . Current Kyffhauserbund caps are like Navy peaked caps ,dark blue Top with black woven band and black peak and chinstrap

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Could it be a cap originally issued to German colonial troops before the end of the Empire (pre-1919) and used during the Weimar Republik by its owner as a member of the Brunswick branch of the Kyffhaeuserbund (by adding the corresponding oval cockade at the top) … ?

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