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Need infos about Hans von Heider (Friedrich Georg Hans)

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I need more information about the painter (Maler)

Hans (Friedrich Georg Hans) von Heider

born 7.1.1867 in Munich

died: 11.4.52 in Blaubeuren (near Ulm)

I know, that he was bavarian Olt. (or later Hauptmann) d.L. (d.R.)

He got

-IC 2nd class

-Wilhelmscross with X

-Wuerttemberg small medal for art & science

-Friedrichsorder knight 1st class without X

-bavarian LDA2

Are there more infos about him? I do not have the book of Klein/Raff.

Espec. i would like to know, when he got his medal for art & science - in 1915/16 he was regimental painter of IR 125



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as he worked at the Stuttgarter Kunstgewerbeschule after WW2 (died 1952) there should be a personal file on him  in the State Archive of Baden-Württemberg or the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.


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Hi, thanks for the infos.

Here my pic.

I am nearly sure, that he wears his art & science on ribbon of the crown order.

Can somebody help to ID the version of the helmet - it is with mimikri tarn (?).



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