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Any idea on the manufacturing date/year of the medal?

To my very untrained eye the medal seems to be in pristine condition for a medal that's, for argument's sake, 20-30 years old.

But it's better if the more knowledgeable members voice their opinion...I might be completely wrong and in that case will gladly accept being corrected.

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Hi there,

It looks fine to me.... on my phone.1945 type.

Definitely  an unawarded bank escapee from back in the day.  I think 400 produced and highest known is 398 so this one is about as high as you can get..

Take a look at this long thread for more info.


Price? Who knows these days. Haven’t seen one for sale in years other than on collectrussia which has #60 for sale for a little under 2k.

If I were in the market for one and had to have one. Maybe $1200-1350 for this serial number. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth more than $800-900.

I am speculating and basing this on what I’d be willing to part with if I had to have it.


Hope this helps



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The story ended. The bargaining took a little longer than I expected but today I have it at USD 1 000,-. I beleive it is a fair price . Definately it is a last piece to my small collection of Mongolian ODM. Prices are horrible now. 

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