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Socialist Albania ranks 1944-1952

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Dear forum members,

I am conducting a personal research on Albanian uniforms and military ranks used by the Albanians during the liberation war and in the period immediately following.  

On the forum and on the internet I have seen various photos but I cannot understand the temporal succession of uniforms and ranks in use.

Also in the forum I read that in the second phase of liberation was the Albanian partisans had adopted the system of ranks in use in Yugoslavia.

Are there summary sheets of ranks in use from 1944 to 1952?

best reguards,


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Can anyone help me?  I read a lot of old discussions in the forum and I got this idea for the moment. 

 I period around 1944-1945

Ranks were used on the sleeves of the uniform, similar to those of the Yugoslav partisans. There were two variants, one for the military and another for political.


Enver Hoxha with rank of "Gjeneral Kolonel"


A partisan officer with the rank to "Kapiten"


A group of partisan officers with two British officers.  From left to right you see a "Nenkolonel", a "Gjeneral Major" and a "Kolonel".

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Thanks a lot BalkanCollector.

I found the discussion really interesting. I hope I don't do  unpleasant to Mr. Artan and republish here his table with the ranks of the Albanian partisans from 1944 to 1945:




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II period around 1945 - 1947

From the few photographs I have seen, I am of the opinion that in this period the ranks are moved to the collar of the uniform.

The stars remain at six-rayed for the military officers.

In some images it can be seen that the insignia of ranks are also present on the hat of the officers.  Unfortunately I have not found images that depict the ranks of senior officers.


A lieutenant (Toger) wearing the medal of remembrance 1942-43, the medal for Yugoslav courage and the medal of liberation.9D525F07-3C5F-4573-ABF8-E8B93B0AA8B0.jpeg.53d5f13d093c4c8e7304c312d0cf6006.jpeg

In this photo we note, from left to right: a lieutenant (toger), two captains (kapiten) and a second lieutenant (nentoger)


A captain (kapiten) with the degrees on the collar and on the hat.

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