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Dear fellow collectors,

I was recently browsing the auctionsite Ratisbon's when I came across this rather peculiar medalbar. I will refrain from commenting on the originality of the medalbar itself for the moment, however, the quality of the BMVO4x and the BMVK1x seemed off to say the least (full beltbuckle). Yet, if I recall correctly there was one maker who shortly produced one of these full beltbuckles. Would any of the Bavarian collectors be willing to chip in?

Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius





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I do not think the MVK is an original. The cross body and the swords 
seem to be from Leser, the medallions from another manufacturer. 
The front medallion would have to be gold in this cross shape. If it 
had been original silver plated, the lower rear crossarm would need 
to have a thicker rim.
I would not want it.


regards Walter


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the first class is a cross of the manufacturer Weiss&Co, the swords are from Leser. This cross is a bad fake., originally a third class.
The MVO is a Hemmerle. The backside medaillon seems new enameled. Normaly the lion had to be seperate and not in the enamel. I think this is a recycled MVO.

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Dear VtwinVince,

here are the pictures you asked for.

Kind regards, Laurentius

2000000409210-011 (1).jpeg



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