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Zahlmeister - paymaster question Ranklist Wehrmachtbeamten

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Unfortunately, i do not have the 1936 (?) rankliste of the WH - Beamten.

I wound need to check 3 names:

-Freund August bonr 1872

-Häschel, Ernst Wilhelm born 1873

-Süptitz, Ernst Arthur Paul  born 1876

If the were still active in this time, they would have had the rank of

a Stabszahlmeister or Oberstabszahlmeister - i think so.

All persons were in Saxon units in 1914.

T h  a  n k  you very much.





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of the three, I have found only August Freund still listed as an Oberinspektor (Beamte bei den Wirtschafts- und Rechnungsämtern) as late as 1930 (WRA Löbau). He is listed as an Inspektor at WRA Löbau in 1922 and as an Oberinspektor at WRA Leipzig in 1927).

From Siekmann's Taschenkalender 1922, 1927, 1939.



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Thank you v e r y much, Glenn.

Is he still in the 1939 Siekmann (age would be 67 at this time)?


Perfect, Glenn, perfect!


Got him in 1922 Löbau Adressbuch as OZM and 1935 as Stabszahlmeister. 😁

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