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Interesting British Ribbon Bar - Help Needed

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I have an interesting ribbon bar which looks like a unique one. It is on a Royal Engineers colonel No1 dress uniform.

Unfortunately there is no info about the original owner. I tried to serch for the name, but I had no success yet.

It looks like the officer had an army career during WW2 (later reserve officer) and then probably a civilian one. As he was awarded the Knight's Bachelor badge and a civilian CBE and Order of St. John. The Legion of Merit can also be helpful.

Have you got any idea where to start?







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A fellow forum memebr from another forum helped me, I have a possible owner's name now: Sir Robert Leslie Lawrence.

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52 minutes ago, Mike McLellan said:

Wow! That was fast! What were the ribbons that sealed your search? The orders? At any rate, nice job  


I had a great luck, a fellow forum member had all the relevant informations (medals and dates) about the original owner. This civilian and military medal combination is a unique one.

I have also tried to search for the name. I have found him also, but I had other names too. I tried to collect from the London Gazette all those Royal Engineers officers who was awarded the Officer grade of Legion of Merit. I had 44 names. I planned the next step to check all those who were knighted.

I have received the owners name between the 1st and 2nd step.

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