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I understand that this gold cross was only issued between 1837 and 1866

Can anybody advise when the cross changed from sold gold to 'hollow' gold? I know that it changed from 'hollow' gold to gilded bronze in 1860.

I have also read reports that the cross was awarded for 25 years service in the army, with war service time both counting as double time, and single time. Which is correct?

Can anyone advise me where could possibly purchase an example? (I guess from a dealer in Germany?)

Many thanks.

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Hi,  i don`t know much about Hannover orders & medals - but what i know is, that those early crosses are very hard to find.

And they are very expensive, because of its gold.

Also harder to find are Hannover pics with that cross on it  (After 1866 Hannover was "finished")


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Since my post I have discovered that the crosses never were solid gold The first type (1837-1859) were hollow gold, and the second type (1860-1866) were gilded bronze.

Here is a a picture of a group I have which was awarded to a Captain, later major, in the 1st Line Bn. KGL. He did not serve at Waterloo, as he was still recovering from serious wounds received in February 1814 at St. Etienne (Bayonne).

(Royal Guelphic Order 3rd class (knight), Wilhelm 25 year Cross, MGS 1793-1814 medal. with 9 clasps, Talavera, Busaco, Fuentes d’Onor, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Vittoria, St Sebastian, Nivelle &  Nive) 


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