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Ribbon Bar with possible Photographic Evidence

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Dear members,

A while ago I purchased a little 4-Placer ribbon bar with awards from Bavaria and Baden. Due to many different possibilities of the ribbons, an exact combination could not be made out.

Any opinions regarding this bar are greatly appreciated.

Best regards





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7 hours ago, seeheld said:

Nice Picture, but I do not see any medal from Baden. The second medal is also from Bavaria.

Regards Seeheld

OK. I'm confused.  The first ribbon is an Iron Cross. The second is something from Baden with a crown on it. The third is a military merit order or cross from Bavaria. And the last ribbon is a Hindenburg Cross.  So what you're saying is that there's no medal from Baden and that the second medal is Bavarian.  Am I the only one who is confused?       

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On 19/11/2019 at 21:52, Nicolas7507 said:

Seeheld was referring to the photo, which seems to not be available anymore. It was a SA-Sturmführer wearing a medal bar with EK2, Bavarian Bravery Medal, BMVO4X and a Hindenburg Cross.

I thought the 2nd medal on that bar in photo is Bavarian life saving medal.


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To Daniel Cole - I think the thread became a little confusing because there was a photo of an SA man that was posted, then it disappeared, and now it has re-appeared.  They're actually talking about two different bars... the ribbon bar with Baden and Bavaria and the medal bar on the SA man's uniform.  The SA man in the photo is wearing the Bavarian Lifesaving Medal.  The ribbon bar has a Carl Friedrich Medal from Baden along with a Bavarian Military Merit Cross.      

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