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Please help, leather Helmet???

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Good evening, today i had the pleasure of buying an item which was incredibly strange to me, any idea what in God's name it is, it appears to be a Stahlhelm made out of cooked leather or some sort of wooden material i do not collect Reich militaria but this was so interesting to me i could not pass it up..... photos attached, any info would be lovely, weather its a display piece, fake or anything else....


It has a steel rim and the inner part appears quite old and original but the material of the helmet itself looks to be cooked leather or some sort of wood. There seems to also be a name of the manufacturer but it is badly faded,


Thanks so much in advance,


best regards,









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Thank you so much for the reply! I had no idea that Sout American countries make these helmets out of "vulkanfiber". Having seen your post i did remember that i knew that licences were issued by Germany, but it hadn't crossed my mind.


Did some quick google search, found this:



It appears to be the same type of helmet as the one o have, mine has 05 on the rim, i dont much trust ebay descriptions, but is it true, were these also made in Germany for parade use?

Thanks so much,




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Hello Stefi88, They made vulkanfiber helmets for parade use. but originally they were intended for battle use. a model was tested by the Reichswehr.model 1933 . Take a look to : CASCOS DEL SIGLO XX  www cascos de coleccion / portada. yes its in Spanish but go into portada select Chile and will appear all the helmets used by Chile with pics and a green rectangle that reads Ver ficha ,select that and the helmet will appear

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