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Constable 105J Samuel KNOWLES Metropolitan Police

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Samuel Knowles

Born 1868 in Norfolk.

1888 23rd July Joins Met warrant number 73828 posted to T Division.

1888 31st October Posted to from T Division (collar number 136T) to J Division(collar number 105J).

1889 30th June & 8th July Illustrated Police News (see below)

1891 Census 235 Wilmot Street Bethnal Green with his wife Alice and son Charles.

1897 Jubilee Medal J Division.

1898 25th April Old Bailey

https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse. ... #highlight

1899 12th May The Globe (see below)

1899 29th May Old Bailey

https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse. ... #highlight

1899 9th December Disciplinary issue.

1900 3rd July Disciplinary issue.

(At some point during the next 11 months he's posted from Bethnal Green to Wood Green)

1901 4th May Essex Guardian. (see below).

1901 Census Augusta House ******ford Road Woodgreen.

27th January 1902 posted back to T Division (collar number 270T).

1902 Coronation Medal T Division.

1911 Census 79 Amyand Park Road.

1911 Coronation Medal T Division.

4th August 1913 Retires T Division.

1924 Dies 22.02.1924 address given as 40 Sherlan Place Twickenham. Will sum of £235 left to his wife Alice.

Police News 8th July 1889.jpg

Globe Friday 12th May 1899.jpg

Essex Guardian Saturday 4th May 1901.jpg

Samuel KNOWLES.jpg

Samuel KNOWLES 001.jpg

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[Observation - PC Samuel Knowles transferred to Bethnal Green or 'J' division on the 31/10/1888.]


I would suspect that all the Metropolitan Police divisions hunting 'Jack the Ripper' would have been working/manned below their official establishment levels.

This would have been especially difficult for Whitechapel or 'H' division. It would have also been a problem for divisions like Bethnal Green or 'J' division who were closely connected to these investigations and it should be remembered that one of the murders took place within their divisional area.

To compensate for this deficiency in Whitechapel or 'H' division, Police Order dated 31/10/1888 recorded the permanent transfer of 42 Police Constables into Whitechapel or 'H' division.

It is interesting to note that Police Constable Samuel Knowles was transferred into Bethnal Green or 'J' division on the 31/10/1888. This might indicate a smaller reinforcement was organised for Bethnal Green division because of their heavy involvement in the Jack the Ripper murders.

It would be interesting to see if Police Order dated 31/10/1888 records Police Constable Samuel Knowles as being transferred as an individual to Bethnal Green or as part of a small group of reinforcements.



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