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Unknown badge

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Here's a wild guess, completely unsubstantiated by knowledge or facts:  Instead of Military Police (which from your MilPol name I'm guessing your would recognize), perhaps it is Military Post.  After all, the horn is a widely  recognized symbol for mail/postal entities.  

Can't wait to hear the replies.



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Thank you for your replies.  Indeed I am ex redcap and I posted the item because of a request to identify same from a colleague on a RMP site.  I left the army in 1976 and it is not an emblem I recognise from my time.  Maybe it came in since then?  Perhaps someone will see this post and recognise it. There has been no recognition posted on the RMP site and there are subscribers who left later than me.  Because of the type of crown I think that if not British army perhaps it is a commonwealth force.

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