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Good day gentlemen,

I have happened upon the item displayed in the attached photo.  From my searches on the internet I have come across two sites describing the item as “Iraq Military Academy Distinguished Service Breast Star Medal Order Badge” – the links are as follows:  https://www.theorienttreasures.com/shop-now/orders-medals-decorations/iraq-military-academy-distinguished-service-breast-star-medal-order-badge-saddam-2  and  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iraq-Military-Academy-Distinguished-Service-Breast-Star-Medal-Order-Badge-Saddam-/302078157106 .  The limited description avers that the item is Iraqi of the Saddam-era.


Could anyone assist with a positive identification, more info about item and possible what is was made of?  Any additional info or links to websites with info would be highly appreciated.



BOB Image.jpg

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This is the Hassan al Bakr Teacher Order. Looks like the better quality version vice in country later production which was much more crude in nature. 

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  The Al Bakir University Star was awarded between 1976-2003 to the distinguished students in the Al Bakir University for 

Military Higher Studies, All Iraqi Army, Navy and Air Force Officers were allowed to attend this University regardless of their rank.

There are two types of Al Bakir Stars. Both stars are 3 inches in diameter and are identical except for the center disc.

The Italian made (higher quality) was used between 1976-1991. Iraqi made after 1991. The Iraqi's used the Italian- made 

star and attached their own disc. The Italian center disc is very well made and the Iraqi center disc is glazed and not as well made.

The items represented in the center disc are a sword (Ground Forces), anchor (Navy) and wing (Air Force). The book represents knowledge, the torch represents the power of knowledge and science, and the quill pen represent science.

Inside the book is a verse from the Holy Qur'an (God give me more knowledge).

Written below the book is Al Bakir University 1976 A.D., 1396 A.H.

There is also a pocket hanger with the central disc which is worn on the military uniform, a central disc with a spring pin 

fastener on the reverse which is worn on the civilian clothes, and an cloth patch with the Al Bakir emblem embroidered

on  the patch.

Below is a picture of the Iraqi made star, hanger , civilian badge and patch.

This information is from my first book on Iraqi Militaria Identification Guide with Translations.


Al Bakir Order-Iraqi made.jpg

Al Bakir pocket hgr. badge.jpg

Al Bakir badge.jpg

Al Bakir University Arm Patch.jpg

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