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identification needed.


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Hi, can anyone tell me what medal this is.

It's a South African medal (City of Johannesburg), but that's all I know.

What does the abbreviation N.E.A.D.  A.N.B.S. mean (English/Afrikaans ??).

Also, what was it issued for ?

Thank you for your help.


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Sampo is quite correct.  ANBS was the Afrikaans name of the department -- I believe it stood for "Afdeling Nie-Blanke Sake". 

This is an apartheid-era medal, from the period 1955 - 1973.  It was awarded to the city's Black municipal police officials who were employed in the Black residential areas of the city.  Apparently it was a medal for bravery.   

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PS: Has anyone any idea from which book this comes, would like to know.



Just found the answer = Awards of the South African uniformed public services, 1922-1987: The South African Police, South African Railways Police, South African Prisons Service  – 1988

by: S Monick (Author)


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