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Prinz Heinrich in Automobile Corps uniform

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I've just received a small Christmas present from our artist Klimbim, unfortunately the colored version didn't made it into our new book. 

It is the brother of the German Emperor, Prince Heinrich in uniform of the DFAC, the German Automobile Corps.

Some photos of the sidearm he is wearing, which is extremely rare, especially with the original portepee, attached as well. 
The Hirschfaenger has no hunting motives whatsoever, on the contrary: The blade shows only military ornaments. 
If you are interested to read more, you will find an old article in the www archive: German Imperial Automobile Corps.

Thanks for looking. 





... blade detail


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Hello, The badge is a Royal one ,not Imperial .In Saxony was founded in 1906 a Royal Saxon Automovil Club . It exists today and the coat of arms is a shield topped with a royal crown and with wreaths of laurel leaves, much in the form of the badge weared by Prince Henry

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it´s a bit more complex than that. Several Prussian kings had "Gendenkzeichen für das militärische Gefolge des kKönigs". WI, WII were only two of them. WI had a "W" WR II a "WR". All princes of WII were elligible as well as Generaladjutanten and Generale a la suite and, as mentioned,  Flügeladjutanten of the Kaiser. Alle three Abzeichen differed only in the choice of material, not in form.

The Gedenkzeichen für Generaladjutanten was made from gold  or gold plated silver, the one for Flügeladjutanten made of bronze and then silverplated. The bronze badge for Generale a la suite of the Kaiser had the royal chiffre  and crown goldplated, the oakleaves silverplated.


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Hello, Regarding Crowns, The crown on the collar and cuffs of the uniforms of the Imperial Automovil Club is the Imperial Crown of German Emperor . Its different of the Royal Prussian ,Royal Bavarian or Royal Saxon Crowns. the main feature are the Tenias , two pieces of tape one at the left the other at the right of the base of the crown . these pieces  were simbolic of the direct access with God of the Emperor . 

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